How long will I have access to the online book?
The online books will be available for the entire school year, beginning August 1, 2018 through June 29, 2019.

If you wish to have access to files for the following school year, the school simply renews its license. Reactivation of access occurs after renewal.
How is access established?
After ordering via phone, the teacher or school administrator will be given one (1) password per student.
Must I use your password or can I create my own?
We assign each school a password that is designed to eliminate any technology issues so that you can experience full, unobstructed access to all the resources and material available online. Each password is user-friendly and audience-appropriate.
What will I be able to do online?
With online accessibility, your digital curriculum includes extra functionality on any computer or web-capable device. Students will be able to not only read the text, but highlight and take notes, as well as use a search function.

At this time, users cannot print it, or use the copy/paste function.
What if something isn't working? What kind of tech support is available?
Loyola Press stands by each of our products and are happy to help with any service or technical issues that may arise about the digital publication resources and online tools and any issues with passwords. Specific technical support within the school is the responsibility of the individual school.